Thursday, June 9, 2016

Let's cut a deal on the Peel: Yukon gov't

The Yukon Party government released this statement on the Peel Supreme Court case (note the absence of the politicians responsible for this political, economical, social and legal morass):
 "While continuing to have this matter in the courts is not the Yukon government’s preferred approach, we are hopeful that the Supreme Court of Canada can provide clarity and certainty to questions about how Yukon’s regional land use planning process should work and can make it clear that public government has the final say over public land.
"We remain committed to enhancing our government-to-government relationships and building positive, productive partnerships with First Nations for the benefit of all Yukoners, based upon the implementation of the Self-Government and Final Agreements.
"On several occasions, both publicly and through direct communication, our government has sought to work with First Nations to settle this matter outside the court. We remain open to these discussions.
"The prohibition on mineral staking and oil and gas development in the Peel watershed remains in place until Jan. 1, 2018 which we hope will provide enough time for the case to be heard."

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